Data for Transcriptome in the G2C Programme

S.G.N. Grant and the G2C Consortium

Corresponding email: Seth.Grant@ed.ac.uk  

Individual Transcriptome results for each G2C mouse line

Description G2CMine
Akap9 View
Akt2 View
Camk2a View
Cinap9 View
Cript View
Cyfip View
Dab2ip View
Dlgap1 View
Dsm View
Dusp7 View
Gkap4 View
Gnb1 View
Gria1 View
Grit View
Iq3 View
Maguin View
nGap View
NR2A-2Bswap_GGC View
NR2AdC View
NR2B-2Aswap_GDL View
NR2BdC View
Pdg View
Psd93_*_S-Sscam View
PSD93 View
PSD95 View
SAP102 View
S-Scam View
Syngap View
Tcf4 View
TJP View
Tnik View
Ywhaq View
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