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Gene id
Gene symbol
Nme1 (MGI)
Mus musculus
non-metastatic cells 1, protein (NM23A) expressed in
G00006380 (Homo sapiens)

Databases (3)

ENSMUSG00000037601 (Ensembl mouse gene)
18102 (Entrez Gene)
Marker Symbol
MGI:97355 (MGI)

Synonyms (3)

  • NDPK-A
  • NM23-M1
  • nucleoside diphosphate kinase

Literature (41)

Pubmed - other

Gene lists (4)

Gene List Source Species Name Description Gene count
L00000060 G2C Mus musculus BAYES-COLLINS-HUMAN-PSD-CONSENSUS Human cortex PSD consensus (ortho) 748
L00000062 G2C Mus musculus BAYES-COLLINS-MOUSE-PSD-CONSENSUS Mouse cortex PSD consensus 984
L00000070 G2C Mus musculus BAYES-COLLINS-HUMAN-PSD-FULL Human cortex biopsy PSD full list (ortho) 1461
L00000072 G2C Mus musculus BAYES-COLLINS-MOUSE-PSD-FULL Mouse cortex PSD full list 1556
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