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Gene id
Gene symbol
Serpina3n (MGI)
Mus musculus
serine (or cysteine) peptidase inhibitor, clade A, member 3N
G00002443 (Homo sapiens)

Databases (9)

Curated Gene
OTTMUSG00000016315 (Vega mouse gene)
ENSMUSG00000021091 (Ensembl mouse gene)
20716 (Entrez Gene)
32 (G2Cdb plasticity & disease)
Gene Expression
NM_009252 (Allen Brain Atlas)
20716 (Genepaint)
107280 (OMIM)
Marker Symbol
MGI:105045 (MGI)
Protein Sequence
P63260 (UniProt)

Synonyms (5)

  • Spi2-2
  • Spi2.2
  • Spi2/eb.4
  • alpha-1 antiproteinase
  • antitrypsin

Literature (8)

Pubmed - other

Gene lists (4)

Gene List Source Species Name Description Gene count
L00000001 G2C Mus musculus Mouse PSD Mouse PSD adapted from Collins et al (2006) 1080
L00000007 G2C Mus musculus Mouse NRC Mouse NRC adapted from Collins et al (2006) 186
L00000008 G2C Mus musculus Mouse PSP Mouse PSP adapted from Collins et al (2006) 1121
L00000021 G2C Mus musculus Pocklington M3 Cluster 3 (mouse) from Pocklington et al (2006) 30
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