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March 08 Release

G2Cdb integrates human and mouse genomic information with experimental resources including those from synapse proteomics, human gene mutation studies of CNS diseases, brain gene expression resources and behavioural and electrophysiological studies on genetically modified mice. The overall aim is to present an integrated view of the role of synapses in physiology and disease, by focusing on synaptic proteins and diseases of the nervous system, particularly those affecting cognition.

G2C Programme Phenotyping Battery

Here we have published online the 20 experimental protocols devised by the G2C Programme that define our neuroscience-specific mouse phenotyping battery. This battery is employed by the team to elucidate the roles of synaptic proteins in experimental paradigms including behaviour, synaptic electrophysiology, neural network physiology, biochemistry and neuroanatomy.

View the protocols

G2C Transgenic Mouse Lines Availability

Part of the mission of the G2C Programme is to make available to other groups a wide range of the biological resources including gene-targeting vectors, ES cell lines, antibodies and transgenic mice.

The Biological Resources section of the website lists the mouse lines we are currently distributing to collaborators. Please visit the page and send requests to g2c_admin@ed.ac.uk.

Website style changes

We have tried to simplify the layout of the G2C website to improve its usability. Please feel free to contact us if you cant get what you want from www.genes2cogniton.org, or you would like to request a specific function to be implemented, or a dataset to be added.

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