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November 07 Release

G2Cdb integrates human and mouse genomic information with available experimental resources including: synapse proteomics, human gene mutation information in CNS disease, brain gene expression resources, knockout mouse behavioural experiments, and electrophysiological studies of synaptic plasticity, its overall aim being to present an integrated view of the role of synapses in physiology and disease, by focusing on synaptic proteins and diseases of the nervous system, specifically those affecting cognition.

The November 07 release of G2Cdb contains data on approximately 2500 mouse and human genes, including: components of the NMDA receptor complex (NRC/MASC); postsynaptic density (PSD) and postsynaptic proteome (PSP) together with details of knockout and transgenic mice with modifications to these genes.

The release also incorporates a very significant update to our 2005 paper detailing our systematic curation of the genetic variation literature for NRC/MASC genes, and their association to human disease 16150739. For we have now collated information on mutations in PSP genes examined for their association(s) to 324 human diseases, of which 91 are nervous system disorders, by literature-mining and expert curation of almost 800 published papers.

The database can be searched using the left hand search box present on all the Genes2Cognition web pages, including: http://www.genes2cognition.org/.

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We have loaded a set of 2548 genes into G2Cdb. These have principally come from our prior proteomic and bioinformatic analysis, but also includes genes for which we have created transgenic mouse lines, or obtained from our curation of mouse knockout and human disease and mutation literature.

Gene Lists

An important feature of G2Cdb is the ability to hold and compare lists of genes particularly those obtained by the lab from proteomic studies of synaptic complexes.

We have loaded the 'core' genelists of G2C, those being NRC, PSD, PSP etc. (see below). These were adapted from the paper of 16635246.

Mouse ARC
Mouse clathrin
Mouse mGluR5
Mouse mitochondria
Mouse NRC
Mouse PSD
Mouse PSP
Mouse Synaptosome
Human orthologues of mouse ARC
Human orthologues of mouse clathrin
Human orthologues of mouse mGluR5
Human orthologues of mouse mitochondria
Human orthologues of mouse NRC
Human orthologues of mouse PSD
Human orthologues of mouse PSP
Human orthologues of mouse Synaptosome

Protein interaction networks of NRC/MASC define modules or clusters of functional proteins. Lists of the genes encoding these proteins have been loaded by adapting data from 16738568, e.g. L00000019

One can compare available genelists using: GeneListCompare

Transcript and Protein Expression Resources

We have mined the growing number of gene and protein expression resources to make this valuable expression information readily accessible for our genes of interest:

Allen Brain Atlas
1186 links (mouse brain)
436 links (mouse nervous system)
144 links (mouse development)
836 links (mouse embryo)
439 links (mouse CNS)
Human Protein Atlas
193 links (normal & cancer tissues)


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